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Jun. 29th, 2014 @ 12:26 pm dreams
Current Mood: sicksick
I had two crazy awesome dreams last night. The second was also a lucid dream.

In the first I was in a convention center like for GA or something. I went to the bathroom to take a shower, because there were showers in the convention center bathroom, and didn't have any conditioner, so I asked the stylists who were there (because there were also salon chairs and stylists) to condition my hair. I thought about getting a blow dry too. Well, my stylist was Julia Roberts. She told me about some special treatment she could do, but I should't go in public with it for like 24 hours. I had a thing that night so I didn't do it, but I got her card so I could maybe do it later. The other stylist conditioned my hair and I showered it out.. or something, I don't think I got a blow dry.

I also had a dream that we went on a big family trip with steve and whitney to... someplace. at first I thought it was India, but then it was new york... I ran into Autumn from beauty school and got separated from the group. My mother got really mad at me when they found me again and we had a big fight about how I was irrisponsible for getting separated and for prioritizing a friend over family and I had to explain that I hadn't seen this friend for like 7 years etc etc.... there was a lot of city imagery and travel in cars. I think I rode on the outside on the roof of one of the cars because we wouldn't all fit at one point. I wore like three headphone things, one for music, one connected to my phone with a microphone and one for... something else. Weird dream.

The third dream started out at the renn fair or something like it. There was a big prop pirate ship playground thing, and people were playing around being pirates on it, grown up people. They were all waiting for "the Captain" to come back. To have a little fun I said "How do you know the captain isn't already here?", then I got up and started acting bad ass and proclaimed myself captain, and I think I slit a throat to prove it, then I went to the cockpit of the ship, and one of the other pirates followed me and was like "where we goin'" and i said "to the bahamas of course" or soemthing like it, and started wildly steering the prop ship, which bucked and turned and lifted off the ground. It came about and soared over the crowd and the crowd turned into ocean. There was a major storm at sea and I was being the crazy captain loving it. "There's nothing like a good storm at sea". we arrived at the bahamas, with it deserted. "There's nothing like a tropical beach after a storm".
This dream was the one that was semi-lucid. I remember thinking it was taking a very interesting turn when the ship actually started to move.
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