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Jun. 17th, 2014 @ 11:18 am The more things change the more they stay the same
Current Location: Ranch
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Well, life just keeps getting more interesting. We are standing on a precipice. The place I've been calling home ever since I moved out to LA, even before I moved in myself, may not be an option for much longer. Phil, 74 year old father of James's best friend Andrew, has been renting the property for over 16 years now. The rent is therefore ridiculously cheap. The landlords are and have always been horrible, but they've gotten tired of Phil not being an idiot and have served an eviction notice. We are going through court proceedings and will hopefully be able to stay, but in the event that we don't everything is about to change. Again. Just when I'm finally feeling settled.

The inspectors and the entire landlords family were here today to take a look at our lives. Long story short, there are things we've put in that the building inspector said must be removed, but over all, it's the landlord in the wrong. Stressful. So very stressful. For them it's their property on the line, for us, it's our livelihood. I just have to have faith that there is justice in this world. Everything works out. It always does. The worst period in my life has birthed some of the best. What do I need to learn from experiences like this? What do I need to still learn for these kinds of confrontations to stop?
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