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Jun. 29th, 2014 @ 12:26 pm dreams
Current Mood: sicksick
I had two crazy awesome dreams last night. The second was also a lucid dream.

In the first I was in a convention center like for GA or something. I went to the bathroom to take a shower, because there were showers in the convention center bathroom, and didn't have any conditioner, so I asked the stylists who were there (because there were also salon chairs and stylists) to condition my hair. I thought about getting a blow dry too. Well, my stylist was Julia Roberts. She told me about some special treatment she could do, but I should't go in public with it for like 24 hours. I had a thing that night so I didn't do it, but I got her card so I could maybe do it later. The other stylist conditioned my hair and I showered it out.. or something, I don't think I got a blow dry.

I also had a dream that we went on a big family trip with steve and whitney to... someplace. at first I thought it was India, but then it was new york... I ran into Autumn from beauty school and got separated from the group. My mother got really mad at me when they found me again and we had a big fight about how I was irrisponsible for getting separated and for prioritizing a friend over family and I had to explain that I hadn't seen this friend for like 7 years etc etc.... there was a lot of city imagery and travel in cars. I think I rode on the outside on the roof of one of the cars because we wouldn't all fit at one point. I wore like three headphone things, one for music, one connected to my phone with a microphone and one for... something else. Weird dream.

The third dream started out at the renn fair or something like it. There was a big prop pirate ship playground thing, and people were playing around being pirates on it, grown up people. They were all waiting for "the Captain" to come back. To have a little fun I said "How do you know the captain isn't already here?", then I got up and started acting bad ass and proclaimed myself captain, and I think I slit a throat to prove it, then I went to the cockpit of the ship, and one of the other pirates followed me and was like "where we goin'" and i said "to the bahamas of course" or soemthing like it, and started wildly steering the prop ship, which bucked and turned and lifted off the ground. It came about and soared over the crowd and the crowd turned into ocean. There was a major storm at sea and I was being the crazy captain loving it. "There's nothing like a good storm at sea". we arrived at the bahamas, with it deserted. "There's nothing like a tropical beach after a storm".
This dream was the one that was semi-lucid. I remember thinking it was taking a very interesting turn when the ship actually started to move.
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Jun. 21st, 2014 @ 09:07 pm Finally, a weekend
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Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: keyboard
This weekend has been good. After work yesterday, James and I went to Hollye and Androo's BBQ and ate lots of good food and made sort-of-pina-coladas. Coconut flavored seltzer water is weird. It tastes kinda coconutty, but it smells like my old strawberry shortcake doll.

Today we slept in nice and long, finally. It's been a while since that was possible. I had weird dreams last night about the whole office at 8800 crowd living in and having a Christmas party in my grandparents' Runge house. It was kind of sad and nostalgic actually.

In the afternoon we went ice skating in Pasadena. It has literally been YEARS since the last time I went ice skating. It was hard on the ankles, but it's amazing how many skills just come right back. It's kind of like riding a bicycle in that way. We went to Indian food after skating, which was good, but not the best. I don't know why we keep going back to that place, I think we keep remembering it better than it is. After food we went to best buy and I got meself a pretty sweet yamaha keyboard. I've been fiddling around with it ever since. I'd say that's a pretty good saturday.
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Jun. 18th, 2014 @ 09:53 pm Vindication... and Dragons
The eviction case was dismissed. We get to stay here for at least a little while longer.

At some point here I will add posts I've posted elsewhere over the last few years to fill in the gaps... maybe I'll even transfer over the posts from "journeysbeguine". There are a few.

Also, saw How to Train Your Dragon 2! Oh my love of dragons loves this... I had to have someone else introduce me to the first long after it was on DVD, so I'm glad I got to see this one in theaters. SO GOOD.

It has given me a book idea... a dragon book idea... post-apocolyptic... way after the fall of civilization... what caused the fall? The rise of man made dragons... creatures genetically engineered because... well because they could. Why do scientists make anything? Kind of a la jurassic park.. but civilization falls. BUT. a couple generations later, the humans have begun to live alongside them...
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Jun. 17th, 2014 @ 11:18 am The more things change the more they stay the same
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Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: construction
Well, life just keeps getting more interesting. We are standing on a precipice. The place I've been calling home ever since I moved out to LA, even before I moved in myself, may not be an option for much longer. Phil, 74 year old father of James's best friend Andrew, has been renting the property for over 16 years now. The rent is therefore ridiculously cheap. The landlords are and have always been horrible, but they've gotten tired of Phil not being an idiot and have served an eviction notice. We are going through court proceedings and will hopefully be able to stay, but in the event that we don't everything is about to change. Again. Just when I'm finally feeling settled.

The inspectors and the entire landlords family were here today to take a look at our lives. Long story short, there are things we've put in that the building inspector said must be removed, but over all, it's the landlord in the wrong. Stressful. So very stressful. For them it's their property on the line, for us, it's our livelihood. I just have to have faith that there is justice in this world. Everything works out. It always does. The worst period in my life has birthed some of the best. What do I need to learn from experiences like this? What do I need to still learn for these kinds of confrontations to stop?
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Jun. 15th, 2014 @ 10:19 pm In which my soul gets expression
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Current Mood: Pensive
Current Music: Light of Late November - Dale Trumbore
Tonight was the Flower concert for the Nova Vocal Ensemble. As usual it was a small turnout, but I had a significant number of friends present. I was nestled between two operative sopranos so I really couldn't hear myself, at all. I never enjoy concerts that way because I can't feel the blending and moving of the music. I don't feel like we're one entity like a choir should be. I always find myself missing the days of Ms. Boley's vocal ensemble.

It has been really weird reading through old journals. It's been refreshing too, and a good reminder that while things change more stays the same. Life just keeps going.

Tonight we're going to watch the last episode of season 4 of Game of Thrones. Tomorrow I go back to Oak Crest. I need to actually run a test with the DNPH cartridges before the field study. At some point I will right a few posts that copy over what I've written in other places about the last 7 years. I've been through some interesting things.

I guess the important points are as follows:
I've been with James Bellows for almost 7 years (it will be 7 on september 3rd)
I went back to school in 2009 and have changed my degree 3 times. I started with Computer Science, switched to Physics, then discovered I should really be doing Chemistry. I love it. I'm having more fun with learning than I ever have before. This fall I'm transferring to Cal State LA for chemistry, though I've been kind of wondering if maybe I should have gone to Cal Poly Pomona instead. Perhaps I will go to Cal Poly for graduate school, which seems more and more like it should happen. I am also an intern at Oak Crest Institute of Science as of the beginning of this year. I love it. I am making my own friends, and the atmosphere is highly conducive to learning. I've never felt more at home anywhere except maybe theater or choir, which says something. In fact, I generally have more in common with the people I work with than I ever had with other theater people.

It's kind of funny going back to LJ after YEARS of trolling facebook... It's much more personal and introspective. Facebook is far more interpersonal.
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Jun. 14th, 2014 @ 09:07 pm Back from the Dead
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Current Mood: Reflective
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It has been 7 years since the last time I posted.

I intended to post my life after VA in my journeysbeguine journal, but I don't think I ever got along with that one... So here's the resurrection of MyAudience. I've been reading over old entries, and I must say, it's weird. I still like the format of public journalling rather than "blogging" or posting to facebook. Ironically, while the title of my journal is "MyAudience" I think livejournalling has always been more for me than for the public. It really is a journal, I'm just talking to an actual audience rather than the pages in the journal. Does anyone even use livejournal anymore? Will I even have an audience? I guess it doesn't matter. It's a journal of my ramblings. If people see it, they see it.

7 years. A lot has happened in 7 years. I've changed immeasurable, yet reading over old entries I can't help feeling that my problems are the same they have always been. I noticed I often posted about feeling like something was missing. Yep. It's still missing. Whatever "It" is. Does everyone feel that way? I still feel like I'm waiting for something, like the other shoe hasn't dropped. I've been through so much, and my life has changed so drastically... and yet it's all the same. Perspective man.

I just read a post about getting a new kitten who we tentatively named Orion. He is 10 years old now. That's so weird to me. One day I'm graduating high school, the next I'm figuring out how to get to my 10 year reunion. This journal began with angsty teen complaints about not being old enough for anything... and it will end with depressing musings about how fast time passes and how good the good old days were. I refuse to believe that the good old days are gone. They are yet to come. Here's to the coming years.
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Aug. 11th, 2007 @ 05:34 am So the Last TIme, wasn't so last.
I am posting here for all you slackers who have yet to add my new livejournal to your friends. There's a whole lot of shit that has happened, and it's all there, if you want to know what's going on at all in my life. It's moderately interesting, and sporadically updated, but at least it means I wont disappear into the ethers. Also, I have a NEW PHONE NUMBER


There. Now go to journeysbeguine.livejournal.com and find out what I've been doing with my time since I left the east coast.
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Jun. 3rd, 2007 @ 10:52 am Embark!
For all those that care to follow my travels for the next few weeks, I will be posting my travel adventures to the journal


I wont be posting any trip stories here, so go there!

I may still post here occasionally, but it will only be those personal little things that I don't find interesting enough to place in the big adventure journal I'm telling everyone to read.

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May. 31st, 2007 @ 04:24 pm I though this was actually kidn of cool, and I haven't done a meme for awhile.
Ask me a question about each of the following:
1. friends.
2. sex.
3. music.
4. drugs.
5. love.
6. livejournal.

No matter how rude, sexual, or confidential.
Then post this in your journal and see what questions you get asked.
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May. 24th, 2007 @ 09:03 pm Lia the computer wiz!
Current Mood: Very Accomplished
Current Music: We are the champions
I seem to have picked up a virus/worm and rootkit sometime this week. It only became a problem today, as far as I can tell, when my computer began rebooting like every 20 minutes or so. It was driving me crazy, and slowly more and more stuff started going wrong. I couldn't find anything having to do with my particular problem, and everything I did find seemed to send me in circles. Norman did find a virus (I assume it's the one the rootkit piggybacked on) and got rid of it, but that didn't get rid of the problem.

I finally got the code for my particular problem and googled it with NT AUTHORITY [insert code here] service.exe

And every site that came up was in spanish, so I googletranslated one, and started reading. This is where I learned about the rootkit, which is a program invented by game and music manufacturers to combat pirating. Hackers and all use it to hide worms and sassers and stuff. Pretty insidious.

Well, after deciphering the mangled translated english, I figured out that what I needed was a rootkit finder and eliminator. I got the Panda one and totally kicked that rootkit's ass. I mean, that thing was gone so fast it didn't even see it coming. I kicked it two weeks from tuesday. Now my computer is running smoothly, the windows update is running as it should, and its running as fast as it used to.

I am a very happy geek. I also feel very accomplished with my troubleshooting self.
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